Frequently Asked Questions

Who are MEAD Sport and Leisure Limited?

MEAD Sport and Leisure Limited are part of the Golfguard Group of Companies who have been providing insurance products for many sporting activities for over 25 years.

Who underwrites ClubCricketCover insurance?

The product is underwritten by AXA XL a Global Specialist Insurer underwriting a diverse range of Personal and Commercial Insurance risks.

What cover does ClubCricketCover insurance provide?

Apart from Buildings & Contents insurance, covering your Pavilion, Outbuildings, Score Boxes and Groundman’s Equipment Stores we also provide insurance cover for Playing Surfaces (natural and synthetic), Stock including Wines and Spirits, Frozen Food, Maintenance Equipment, Money in the form of Cash on the Premises and in transit to the Bank, Trophies and Cups, Computers, Business Interruption, Loss of License, Legal Expenses and anything else you may wish to cover (subject to application).

The above is accompanied by Public, Products and Employers Liability (where necessary) insurance, which is an essential part of any sports club insurance.

What about Equipment including Sightscreens, Covers and Nets that are permanently kept outside?

ClubCricketCover covers all these items, including Malicious Damage and Vandalism, subject to certain Conditions, which are designed to minimise the possibility of Damage from Storm, Flood etc.

What happens during the Winter when we mothball the Pavilion?

Cover continues subject to certain Conditions including maintaining an ambient temperature and arranging for regular inspection visits

What about the dreaded Form filling?

None of this is necessary as ClubCricketCover is applied for Online and all subsequent documentation is provided electronically.

How do we pay for ClubCricketCover?

A deferred payment scheme is available upon application to Mead Sport and Leisure Limited.

Can I call MEAD and speak to an insurance advisor?

YES call MEAD’s CRICKET HOTLINE on 0800 0850 261 and speak to a Cricketer who will provide guidance.

How long is my quotation valid for?

ClubCricketCover quotations through MEAD are open for acceptance for 30 days.

When can I talk to MEAD about cricket club insurance?

The MEAD Office is open to discuss from 9am to 5pm during weekdays (Mon – Fri).